PJALS legislative priorities for the 105 day session which began Jan. 11.

  1. Treatment First Washington – to replace failing drug laws with a public health approach – treatment, recovery, and education.
  2. Washington Coalition for Police Accountability package of bills: HB 1054 prohibits unnecessary violent police tactics (chokeholds, tear gas, unleashed dogs, no knock warrant, military weapons, etc.); Rep. My-Linh Thai’s Police Officer Accountability deals with civil liability, the ability to sue police and departments for misconduct, excessive force, violating the Keep WA Working law; SB 5051 Oversight Accountability strengthens the Criminal Justice Training Commission by including non-law enforcement community members, the impacted voices, to address serious misconduct charges, the loss of licenses and state wide decertification so cops can not move to another city. Spokane has recently hired 4 cops from Seattle with a history of violence; Rep. Debra Entenman’s Independent Investigations and Independent Prosecutions stems from the coalition’s conviction police can not be impartial when investigating police, when interviewing, collecting evidence, reviewing videos, preparing results, etc. County prosecutors are faced with conflicts of interest when weighing charges against police officers.
  3. ACLU bill “Stop Bargaining Police Accountability: Strengthen Public Trust in Law Enforcement” – removes discipline for excessive use of force and other serious misconduct from police union collective bargaining and makes the disciplinary process more transparent and accountable to the public.
  4. Raise Progressive Revenue to invest in communities by taxing the rich, corporate CEOs, capital gains, real estate deals over $1.5 million, etc.