40 years…half a lifetime?

40 years…a long time to be in a career

40 years…a fabulous accomplishment for peace and justice in Spokane.


Yes–beginning in October 2015 , and culminating in October 2016–PJALS will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in substance and style.

We hope you can all join us for our membership meeting on September 10th

where we will honor our volunteers; as it is you who have been responsible for PJALS remaining a strong voice in our community today.

So join us at the Community Building on Thurs Sept 10 at 7pm for a Gratitude Potluck for volunteer appreciation and gratitude to all who make PJALS such a wonderful community — as well as our annual membership meeting!

The kickoff for our anniversary year will be on Thursday, October 15 from 7-9pm. Join us at the Magic Lantern Theatre for our screening of the documentary “A Force More Powerful” on Gandhi’s salt march. This will be followed by a short discussion of the film in the theatre. Then we will gather in the Community Building for food, drink and continued conversation.

We will continue to have quarterly gatherings on Thursday nights to celebrate our year, as well as our annual Action Conference and our benefit auction.

* December 17th Peace Potluck

* February 26-27 Action Conference

* April 21 Potluck

* July 21 Potluck

* And our 40th Anniversary Celebration GRAND FINALE in October 2016.

We also plan to have monthly brown bag luncheon discussions. These will include other segments of The Power of Force and guest speakers.

We hope you will join us for these events and make a renewed commitment to become more involved with PJALS over the next year. To volunteer for some of these great events, call us at 838-7870.

We look forward to another great year of commitment to peace and justice and recognition of all past volunteers have done to promote the common good in Spokane and throughout the world. And we also look forward to planning and preparing for our next 40 years with passion and vision.


— Louise Chadez