I really miss sharing physical space with you and the rest of the PJALS Community. It has been wonderful to see so many of you in virtual space as our community has expanded, both in numbers and geographically, during this challenging time. If we were able to share space together today, I imagine we would be filling up a room with fantastic potluck items and great conversation to celebrate PJALS 45th Anniversary.

Today, I am going to embrace joy, as a form of resistance to the white nationalist, imperialist, heteronormative patriarchy, in celebration of our 45th Anniversary. I raise a glass of sparkling water in honor of all of you who have brought us to this day by giving of your time and money, coming together in action, and fueling our work together with our shared love and outrage. It is truly remarkable that an independent, member driven, peace and justice group in Eastern WA has not only survived for 45 years but is thriving and growing every day. Will you join me and take a moment today to raise a glass of your favorite beverage to celebrate you and say Happy 45th Anniversary PJALS!

In honor of our anniversary, I am sharing the video of Liz’s speech at our recent Benefit. It has been an honor to work alongside and learn from such an amazing organizer and human for the past 11 years. If you haven’t met Liz yet, this video will give you a sense of how wonderful it is to work with her. If you have met her, you know it’s a great speech. Enjoy!