PJALS steering committee and staff want to thank you for being a part of the PJALS community. Whether you donated, volunteered, attended an event, shared a social media post, or just read an email you, and members like you, are the reason we are going into 2021 stronger than ever.

Because of the generosity of members like you we have received $23.405 towards our member to member matching challenge of $15,257 – far exceeding our goal!

In our Peace and Justice Action League community, we strengthen each other. Together, we can go into 2021 strong!

Over the last year, PJALS members like you have defeated Mayor Woodward’s anti-accountability police contract, marched to say No War on Iran & No Racist Islamophobia, mobilized in vehicles to say Black Lives Matter, supported youth as leaders, won a city council resolution for enforcement of state laws prohibiting paramilitary patrols … and more!

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, deliberate barriers erected to keep Black, young, and new Americans from voting, and racist scapegoating attempts to divide us — this year we the people showed up for each other. Together we created a mandate: protect Black lives and Black visions, deliver relief — not jail cells — for working families, ensure we all can get and stay well, and make this country a place where all of us can thrive.

NOW we need to go into 2021 shoulder to shoulder even while we are apart. We need to push forward together. We may feel isolated — but social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t pull together. We can unite in action to advance racial equity, end mass incarceration in Spokane County, protect immigrant families, and counter white nationalists and so-called Christian dominionists. Together we can make Spokane County a place of inclusive democracy that works for us all.

Will you donate today to help meet our member-to-member matching challenge?

All gifts by December 31 will be matched up to $15, 257! This inspiring challenge, from members like you who are committed to fueling our movement, means when you give $25, we receive $50! When you commit to give $10 a month, we receive $240! Every gift matters!

In our Peace & Justice Action League community we know everyday people can accomplish extraordinary things together. We are powered by our mission: to build a just and nonviolent world. That means exposing and transforming systems of violence and oppression, including racism, patriarchy, and militarism. That means using an intersectional racial equity analysis and commitment. That means altering the relations of power so that people impacted by decisions are in the driver’s seat to make those decisions. That means building a mass movement of everyday people committed to accountability and action.

Our movement didn’t start with Trump and Pence, nor will it end with Biden and Harris.

That means we can’t stop and we won’t stop!

With your support we’ll go into the new year and the new administration with the fuel for long-term transformational organizing. Will you donate today to help meet our member-to-member matching challenge?

Thank you!