With the Supreme Court’s recent Dobbs ruling, the federal protections for abortion access are now ended. But no matter what, in our Peace & Justice Action League community we are unrelenting in our commitment to reproductive justice.

Here in Washington, state law protects continued access. We know that local Planned Parenthood clinics are anticipating a nearly 400% increase in patients from out of state seeking care. You can donate here to Planned Parenthood’s hospitality fund to help patients traveling from Idaho and beyond.

We also know that the Supreme Court majority is eyeing such fundamental rights as marriage equality and contraception! This ruling is one terrible moment in an agenda of control that has big goals in mind. As Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan asserted in their dissent: “no one should be confident that this majority is done with its work.” The constitutional right to abortion “does not stand alone,” the three justices wrote. “To the contrary, the Court has linked it for decades to other settled freedoms involving bodily integrity, familial relationships, and procreation.” (Politico)

We will continue to share upcoming actions and strategies from Planned Parenthood and other partners. This is not nearly over. Our movement for racial and gender justice, peace, and human rights is strong, determined, and creative — and we persist.