It is repugnant that anyone who represents our community — such as County Prosecutor Larry Haskell and City Council member Mike Fagan — would choose to associate themselves with this effort that calls for violence, this effort to literally divide us, this effort that is counter to the First Amendment Constitutional principle of separation of church and state. 
This is not the first time, in fact it is part of a pattern where Larry Haskell associates himself with people who devalue members of our community based on their religions. This points to questions about lack of fair treatment in our local criminal justice system, where we know there are racial disparities.
Some Republicans are standing up and investigating Rep Matt Shea. This should continue and expand! Republicans who denounce discrimination and hate can speak out right now to show where they stand. 
Our strength comes from our ability to work together — to knit together a landscape of people from different places and of different religions and races into one nation. For this to be a place of freedom for all, we cannot let politicians divide us against each other based on what someone looks like, what religious community they are part of, where they come from, or how much money they have. It’s time for to stand together against violence, violent rhetoric, and exclusion based on religion and race, to make our county and our communities work equitably for everyone, no exceptions.