PJALS Voter Canvass-No on Prop. 1

Saturday, August 26 9:30 am – 2 pm
Community Building, 35 W. Main

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Talking with voters face-to-face is the MOST important way we will defeat Prop 1, the anti-immigrant profiling initiative on our Spokane City ballot this November. Bring a friend, gather with other volunteers for a short training, then head out in pairs to talk with voters! Let’s do this! It’s time to talk with strangers about politics & racism!

Vote NO! on 2017 Proposition 1

Our Spokane community is committed to treating all people with respect and dignity. Our values demand we stand together against racism and oppression to build a just society that provides equal treatment and opportunities for all. For over a decade, the Spokane Police Department has had a policy in place that prohibited officers from singling people out based on their suspected citizenship status.

But now, a west-side special interest group wants Spokane voters to pass Proposition 1, which would legalize police profiling based on “perceived” citizenship status. Even further—the initiative asks city employees at parks, parking meters, or taking utility payments to question the citizenship status of people based on their skin color or accent.

We won’t let this special interest group use hate, fear, and prejudice to pit us against each other and divide our community! Say NO to Proposition 1, an initiative which would make Spokane less fair and less safe.