YouthREACH Recipe for Peace: A collaborative effort of Spokane street youth and service providers


In a large bowl made of patience and understanding, combine the necessary feelings:

  • Security/safety/trust
  • Warmth/fullness
  • Love/belonging
  • Hope/happiness
  • Gratitude

Using a spoon made of kindness, slowly stir in the necessary personality traits:

  • Acceptance of all, no matter their race, religion, orientation, beliefs or background
  • Generosity for others
  • Awareness of nature and our place in it
  • Open mindedness
  • Desire to make things better
  • Willingness to work together

Cover the bowl tightly with faith and let it settle overnight to make sure all of the ingredients combine. No need to bake, or measure. This recipe makes unlimited servings and contains no allergy alerts. Serve it to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same.

**Now that we have the recipe, some of the youth were concerned that it wasn’t enough. They argued that you have to get peace into people as quickly as possible to make it effective. They had ideas like “put it in the water” or “add it to the food.” I think one youth had a great idea: “Turn it into an airborne virus and release it in the airports!