Join PJALS steering committee vice-chair Taylor Weech for a series of evening workshops addressing what anti-racist principles look like in practice and planning ways to get more deeply involved as a multicultural coalition of members in identifying and addressing the racial elements of the issues we work on from police oversight to militarism and war. Register (at no cost) here!

Details: 3-week series on Thursday evenings (10/6, 10/20, 11/3) from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Community Building (35 West Main Ave), no cost to PJALS members, suggested $10 donation for non-members.

The three-part series is linked, and our hope is to build a community co-hort of members who have gone through this process together; if you can’t make the first session, please contact the facilitator for exercises and resources that you missed before attending a later session.

We’ll start on a personal scale, exploring our own stories of race and how being vulnerable in our individual stories can open a space to look honestly at our own biases and behaviors and how the big stories of race in our country and region’s history show up in our family and neighborhood stories.

Moving through the three weeks, we’ll also put into practice–through role-play and story sharing–ways to interrupt both individual racism and the myths perpetuated by structural racism. Participants can expect to leave more certain of their role in combating racism and more prepared to engage in conversation and confrontation about race.

The final week, we’ll focus on racism as a component of militarism and through examining events current and historical, identify ways we can communicate our opposition to war and militarism as part of a broader anti-racist commitment. No matter the outcome of the presidential election, we’ll need to be prepared to mobilize as a community around our shared values–let’s get ready together by diving in to both peace and justice issues.

Registration is now open!