Wednesday, April 15th 7-8:30 pm via Zoom

Just a few weeks ago (in a time far, far away!), our wonderful Steering Committee and staff met for a 2020 planning retreat. We discussed the Member Priority Survey results, what racial equity means for PJALS, and the paradoxes in our work. We made great plans for the year! … and then…

The coronavirus pandemic has brought some big changes — and some big things have stayed the same: mass incarceration and political attacks on immigrants, most people doing our best to care for each other while the greedy few use fear to try to divide our human family and demonize people of color and poor people.

Our amazing staff team has been working hard (from home!) to make key course corrections while staying true to PJALS’ goals and mission. Now, we’re excited to share our updates with you at our Special Membership Meeting! We really hope you’ll join in, via videoconference or phone! After you sign up, you’ll get all the info on how to connect. If you’ve never used Zoom before, just plan on logging in early and we’ll do a short tutorial of the essential things to know!

I’m hoping you’ll be one of many faces I get to see on my computer screen at the Special Membership Meeting!

The Special Membership Meeting means we can check in and share the results of the 2020 Member Priority Survey, the priorities that the Steering Committee set for the year, how we’re now transitioning our work during the pandemic, and a financial report so you know how and what your organization is doing. We’ll also answer any questions you have, and we’ll ask for your feedback. All in 90 minutes!

Can you join the Special Membership Meeting on Wednesday April 15, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm?

Yes I'll join!