End these endless wars! End US war, occupation, and military aid in Iraq and in Afghanistan. End military aid to Israel. End the drones in Pakistan, Yemen, and everywhere. Let us say together with Dr. King: The choice today is nonviolence or nonexistence! Violence is the weapon of the weak. Enough! Quit the bomb. Quit the drone. Quit the missile. Be creative and innovative: take concrete actions to build peace with justice. Choose systemic nonviolence. Build the nonviolence complex. Fund nonviolence. Teach nonviolence. Recruit in every school for nonviolence. Develop shocking advances in nonviolence.”

Gather at the Fountain in Riverfront Park at 5:15pm Thursday June 17th. We will have a couple of powerful speakers before we march at 5:45pm to the offices of Sen. Murray and Rep. McMorris Rodgers at the Peyton Bldg on Post, then back down Wall to the Fountain. We will have speakers at the Peyton Bldg. and to conclude our time together at the Fountain.

List of speakers (in progress):

Pastor Deb Conklin on the power of restorative justice as a model for truth and reconciliation to build true peace with justice.

Taylor Weech, member of our PJALS Steering Committee and our Palestine-Israel Human Rights Committee, on the US-funded attack on Gaza and concrete steps we can take to show our solidarity with Gaza and Palestine in general.

Tara Williamson, co-chair of our Peace & Justice Action Committee, on child development and the reality of toddlers with PTSD from US wars

Rev. Todd Ekloff, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane