Certain politicians are trying to draw district lines to divide us, so they can choose which voices to heed and which to silence. BUT we believe that voters must pick our leaders, our leaders can’t pick their voters. Now is the time to speak out for 5 fair, equitable, and competitive voting districts for Spokane County Commissioner positions.

The Community Coalition for Creating 5 Fair, Equitable Spokane County Commissioner Districts has presented a map to the Spokane County Redistricting Committee, which puts our values into action. Will you voice your support for this map and our goals and principles?

The Community Map does a much better job keeping communities of interest together than the Committee’s Map D as it divides Spokane. Map D splits Spokane into 4 districts which is a deliberate attempt to marginalize City of Spokane voters and violates the principles of keeping communities of interest together. Map D uses partisan gerrymandering to spread out small pieces of Spokane across so many districts.

To create 5 fair, equitable, and competitive Spokane County Commissioner Districts that will elect their Commissioners by district, our map enacts these goals:

  1. Increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) voters and
  2. Create competitive and fair districts so elected officials are responsible to their constituents as we are growing from three to five districts.

This isn’t about politics. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about proportional representation.

The Community Map:

  • Uses existing natural and transportation boundaries to keep neighborhoods in Spokane in one district.
  • Creates truly equitable and competitive districts across the county.
  • Connect communities of interest such as those facing growth-related challenges at the edges of urban areas.

The Community Map divides the City of Spokane, where the majority of the county resides, among three out of the five districts. City of Spokane Voters are just as impacted by County decisions as any other member of the community and pay County Taxes as well. For example, 75% of the County’s budget is spent on the criminal justice system which disproportionately impacts the City of Spokane as the Courts and Jail are all in the City limits. City voters end up dealing with the consequences of the County’s decision on criminal justice.

Your voice is needed:

  • Click here to send an email.
  • Attend the Spokane County Redistricting Committee’s Public Hearing on Thursday, October 7 from 5:30-7:30: Call-in: 253-215-8782, Zoom LinkMeeting ID: 970 8247 9718, Passcode: 518970, or in person on Oct. 12 at Northern Quest Casino (masks required). A Public Information Session will be held on September 30 at the Cheney Library. See www.redistrictspokaneco.com for location and virtual meeting details.

What’s at stake: Our County Commissioners hold so much influence over our daily lives and futures, making critical decisions about issues vital to all of us, including public safety, housing, climate change, labor rights and public health. We deserve accountable and responsive local leaders. That is why this moment is critically urgent as we navigate the road to recovery from COVID-19.

For more background or talking points for the upcoming hearing click here.

For more information about Spokane County’s redistricting process and meetings, and view the Redistricting Committee’s draft plan and maps, visit www.RedistrictSpokaneCo.com.