Supporting Peace and Justice through Planned Gifts

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Bequests & Planned Giving

For over 40 years the Peace and Justice Action League has engaged everyday, conscientious people like you in our mission to create a just and nonviolent world. We rely on gifts and support from our members to fund the work that we do together. Your gifts, past and present, help us make our mission a reality.

What if you could continue giving far into the future?

This is both possible and simple to do.

By bequeathing a portion of your estate, you can assist PJALS in funding future projects and activism. Bequests come in a number of forms, including a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate. Your charitable gift can sustain PJALS into the 21st century as the heart of local, progressive community building. Your gift will inspire a sustained commitment to our ongoing work for institutional and social change in diverse ways including support for the Young Activist Leadership Program as well as grassroots organizing efforts to reject militarism, violence, and domination. PJALS is committed to facilitating the emergence of a new culture of social conscience and equality.

Bequests can come to PJALS in various ways. One of the easiest is to direct your attorney to include our organization in your will when you create or revise it. You can also name the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane as a beneficiary of an IRA, 401(k), or life insurance policy.

To learn more about how your generosity can impact the future of PJALS, please contact Liz Moore at (509) 838-7870 or [email protected].