Lucia Vazquez Love for SyriaThis summer, PJALS members like you stood together for peace and against war on Syria. Headlines predicted US missile strikes were just days away. But because of people like you taking action together, the story began to change!

Together, PJALS members like you deluged our then-undecided Senators and Representative with calls and emails with reasons to oppose war. We met in person with their Spokane staff, along with Veterans for Peace, to talk about alternative, practical peace-building.

Senator Murray’s staff told us they’d received 30,000 calls & emails, 93% saying NO to war. Now, Senator Cantwell has said, “I would strongly prefer a diplomatic and political solution to both Syria’s possession and use of chemical weapons and to end the Syrian civil war.” Rep. McMorris-Rodgers wrote, “I have not yet heard how military action is in our national interest and how it fits into a larger plan to resolve the conflict and stabilize the situation in the Middle East.”

Of course, we may still go to war—the war lobby is fierce and relentless. War-mongers in Congress are writing new war resolution language, thinking that if they tweak a few words, it can pass. So our work together will continue–but let’s not fail to pause and celebrate this moment!

Thank you for your presence in this struggle for peace!