Come table with us this summer!

It’s that time of year again – Spokane is bursting with fun, laughter, and community events. These community events are such an important time for us to share in joy, celebration, sun, and also call more folks into our collective grassroots movement for peace and justice. We usually do this through tabling! Sign up below for tabling shifts at upcoming events.

Not sure if tabling is right for you? See these FAQs!

Royal blue background with a graphic street post that reads, "Pride" and Perry" at the intersection. The Odyssey Youth movement logo is on the bottom

Saturday, June 29

Pride in Perry with Odyssey Youth Movement

Perry Street District

shifts from 11:30am – 5:30pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “tabling“?

Tabling is when we have a literal table set up at community events and chat to passersby about our work, invite them to join us in movement work, and give away cool free stuff! We are also usually lined up with lots of other awesome organizations – it’s a great way to meet other folks who are active in the community, learn about new organizations, get some volunteer hours, and talk about the PJALS programs and issue-work you are passionate about!

Who can table?

Anyone! There is no requirement or prerequisite to be able to staff the table at one of our events.

New to PJALS? This is a great way to make friends within the organization as you table with other PJALS folks. You’ll also learn more about our work and programs as you walk others through the tabling materials we have available. Not only that, but you will also get to meet many of our organizational partners and learn more about the social justice landscape in Spokane!

Seasoned PJALS member? Reunite with some familiar faces, old friends, and new acquaintances as you talk about your experience with PJALS! This is also an opportunity to support folks who may be new to tabling or are looking for new ways to get involved.

Not really sure? This is a super low-barrier way to start taking action for change. We provide you with lots of materials, support, and resources to help you along the way – then it’s just a matter of tapping into that social battery and engaging in conversations! Plus – you never table alone! All shifts have at least 2 volunteers so you will always have a buddy to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and take on convos when you need to grab a sip of water.

What do you do at a tabling event?

Usually it’s just a lot of talking and giving away free things! Our staff team has a wagon of goodies and materials we will bring to set up and answer any questions you may have. The great thing about tabling is that people come to YOU! So you can chat with your tabling buddy and just be open to conversations that come your way.

How long are shifts?

Usually our tabling shifts are 1.5 to 2 hours long (depending on the event and how long the event is). We also have 15-30 minutes overlap between shifts to allow time for each buddy pair to pass any information or knowledge on to the next group.

Can I sign up for more than one shift?

Absolutely! We just ask that you commit to the full time you have signed up for.

What should I bring?

It’s great to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and anything else you might bring with you when you are planning on spending some time outside. We do have a canopy tent that helps create shade, but your welcome to bring a hat as well. We ask that you try not to keep sunglasses on so that people can see those wonderful eyes of yours that are welcoming them into the movement for peace and justice!

Still have questions?

Reach out to our Community Organizer Union Carter at [email protected] with any additional questions!