On Saturday, April 15th, I participated in the Reject Trump’s Budget: Tax Day March, Rally & Teach-In as a peacekeeper. This was my first experience as a peacekeeper at a PJALS event. I really enjoyed talking to many different marchers as we gathered together, but didn’t know what to expect throughout the event as we had discussed many types of scenarios that could occur in the training. I was pleasantly surprised that we had no real problems from those not involved. We had a wonderful group of people that respectfully engaged with bystanders and invited them to join us. This event really goes to show the great attitude of PJALS members. We had many passersbys who gave our group encouraging shouts, honks, and thumbs-ups. I enjoyed the fact that many Spokanites do care about the issues we were marching for and they were in support of our peaceful demonstrations. I look forward to being involved in many more, both as a participant and as a peacekeeper.