Over the past 20 years, the U.S. has attempted to use military force to defeat terrorism in Afghanistan. However, the events of the past several days have shown that war cannot create peace. Under orders initially given by former President Trump and carried out currently by President Biden, U.S. military forces have finally been withdrawing from Afghanistan. While ending U.S. imperialism and disengaging from endless wars is desirable, the way U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has been handled is shameful and fraught.

Almost as quickly as the U.S. military left, the Taliban has swiftly swept across the country and taken control, this week cementing their hold on the capital city of Kabul. Under Taliban rule, Afghans fear violence, loss of rights for women, and suffering many other harms. As U.S. troops pull out of Afghanistan, Afghans are being left behind in dangerous and inhumane conditions.

Click the link below to sign MoveOn’s petition calling on President Biden and Congress to evacuate as many Afghans as possible from vulnerable populations, remove the cap on refugees so those who want can leave the country, and increase humanitarian aid for Afghans without shelter or food.

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