2021 Virtual Benefit: Breathing In Community: Healing, Transformation, Joy
Wednesday, May 19th, 6:00pm Social time, 6:30pm Program

In our Peace and Justice Action League community, we believe everyday people can accomplish extraordinary things together. For more than 45 years, we have organized for racial equity, economic justice, peace, and human rights. As we continue to build a movement to transform systems and strengthen community, part of our calling is to create room to breathe, heal, and embrace joy.

At Peace and Justice Action League’s (PJALS) Breathing In Community: Healing, Transformation, Joy Virtual Benefit, members, donors, and new friends will get the opportunity to be part of a movement for peace and justice. Guests will hear firsthand how we work together to expose and transform systems of hate, violence, exclusion and oppression to build a just and nonviolent world and create a culture of love and belonging.

Why should you RSVP and mark your calendar now? Here are five reasons:

1. Eric K Ward is returning as our keynote speaker! Eric is the director of Western States Center, a thought-leader and organizer with deep experience countering white nationalism, antisemitism, and structural inequality, towards a world where everyone can live, love, work, and worship free from bigotry and fear.

2. Ivy Pete will share her experience as a PJALS Youth Organizer!

3. Jac Archer and other PJALS leaders and partners will speak about urgent issues in our community.

4. Adrian Murillo, PJALS Organizer, will deliver to us a poem, which all our hearts all need, on our theme: Breathing in Community: Healing, Transformation, Joy

5. There is no cost to attend – guests will have the opportunity to give. This is our largest and most important benefit of the year — your participation will fuel grassroots organizing and activist education!

RSVP today! https://secure.everyaction.com/in7axTF8yE2pc5BWseg47Q2
Our goal is to raise $30,000 through our Spring Fund Drive, including our Benefit, to sustain our long-term transformation organizing and leadership development. If you are unable to attend the Benefit this year and would like to help us reach our goal, you can donate here. https://secure.everyaction.com/9UmDyxtVYkWs3A-a3job3w2