Because of the commitment of PJALS members like you, we will stand together steadfast to resist Trump’s extremist agenda and build our movement for peace, equity, and justice. Will you make a special donation to PJALS to help us prepare for the critical fights ahead in 2017?

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Transforming the post-election groundswell into lasting and vigorous people power requires grassroots leadership development and organizing our intergenerational movement. We’re ready to build on our strengths and surge from our roots!

40 years for peace & justice: Everyday people building a just and nonviolent world!

Our Priorities for 2016-2017

  1. A Just Society: Smart Justice and Police Accountability
  2. Peace: Truth in Recruitment, Consciousness-Raising about Militarism, and Mobilizing against War!
  3. Human Rights Community Organizing: Building collective power with targeted communities, for LGBT equality, religious freedom, and immigrant rights.

Supporting youth as leaders in our intergenerational movement:

Young Activist Leaders Program offers passionate youth leaders ways to deepen their analysis, sharpen their skills, and strengthen their own youth-led organizations and to strengthen intergenerational organizing within PJALS. Five YALPistas now lead PJALS as Steering Committee members!

Organizing with an intersectional racial equity lens:

In our PJALS community, we believe everyday people can accomplish extraordinary things together. We strive to draw from our differences to increase and enhance effective action to build a just and nonviolent world. Our values ask us to honor and respect our web of different life experience to work collaboratively, sharing power and decision-making. Our work is guided by leadership of people directly impacted by the problems we seek to address, both among our PJALS community and in our broader community and world. We recognize our shared humanity and commit in the following ways to neither harm a member nor see a member harmed:

* Use an intersectional racial equity lens in all of our work.
* Call each other in, not out, when we make mistakes.
* Use decision making processes that engage our diverse community.

Steadfast for peace:

PJALS members have led our region’s opposition to US militarism and imperialism for 40 years!

We stand together in spring rain, summer heat and smoke, and gather to tell the truth about the need to grow beyond militarism and end our endless wars, connecting the dots between out of control military spending and cuts to lifeline programs for struggling families. We stand against torture and for human rights.

Building our movement through grassroots leadership development:

Our Peace and Justice Action Conference: Seven years running, the largest leadership development and relationship-weaving gathering in the Inland Northwest energizes & inspires grassroots activists to take action together for justice.

Organizing for human rights in our community and our world:

Putting nonviolence into action, we hold Nonviolent De-escalation Techniques Workshops to train peacekeepers for the Immigration Reform March, Pride, and other human rights mobilizations – and then march!

Advancing criminal justice reform and police accountability:

Exposing and organizing against institutional racism in our criminal justice system, PJALS members have been the backbone of community mobilizations for police oversight and accountability. With our partners, we are building Smart Justice Spokane’s campaign to end racial disparities and win non-jail solutions, non-arrest solutions, culturally appropriate mental health & chemical dependency treatment, and fair hiring so we can stop the cycle of crime, save money, and change lives!

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