George Taylor, Kristin Stoneking, Liz Moore

George Taylor (right) with FOR director Kristin Stoneking (center) and PJALS director Liz Moore at our 2014 Action Conference.

Dear concerned citizens,

Truth in Recruiting is a nationwide educational program sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Society of Friends, the War Resistance League and many other national groups. It is an informational vehicle designed to present a more accurate and truthful presentation about enlistment into all branches of the armed forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. This program seeks to expose the information that most official recruiters for the armed services keep quietly to themselves: Information like the extreme suicide and sexual assault rates in the military; or that 40 percent of recruits who enlist in the military today will not complete their full term of service.

The Veterans for Peace, chapter 35 in Spokane, has also created its own Truth in Recruiting program. It maintains that students in the public school system, as well as their parents and teachers, deserve the right to be presented with all of the accurate and truthful information about armed forces enlistment in order to make the most informed choices regarding their future.

As caring and capable citizens, students are better-placed in life when they have the most accurate and truthful information available. We believe that having all the information before you decide benefits everybody, including the military.

In Spokane, our chapter of Veterans for Peace has developed a presentation for classes and student tabling areas; appropriately called “Truth in Recruitment.” This program, much like the other programs across this country, is designed to offer alternative views, real world experiences and conversations with real veterans of the armed forces to those who are considering an enlistment or career in the United States Military. We offer information on the plethora of possibilities for community service beyond those offered by military recruiters on high school campuses in and around the Spokane and Spokane Valley public school systems.

Anyone is welcome to come and speak with us about our work. Contact information can be found on our website . You are invited to arrange presentations or consult with our campaign director, George Taylor (U.S. Navy veteran) at tel. 509-822-8111 or at [email protected] at any time. Make an informed decision before you make that life-changing commitment. Truth in Recruitment, Truth in Life.


George Taylor