by Jessica Silva

On February 4, 2016 the pre re-launch meeting was held in the lobby of the Community Building; concerned people came and expressed what they wish people knew about the military. What stood out to me was that everyone agreed that militarism and war are causing terror among countries and most of the people being affected by war are innocent people. The meeting also discussed ways PJALS members can get involved in creating militarism awareness among young people. We want adolescents to know before enlisting that there are other alternatives to joining the military and that before enlisting they should understand the pros and cons of militarism. During the Annual Peace and Economic Justice Conference, Jessica and Monce, interns at PJALS, will be offering a workshop on What is militarism and how does the ideology of militarism impact our world and our communities? During the month of March PJALS will be hosting a rally remembering the 13 years of war in Iraq. Mark your calendars and come out and support the PJALS rally on March 31 (location TBA) 2016 and to the conference on February 27.