PJALS and the Inland Northwest Death Penalty Abolition Group participated last Friday in a TweetChat focused on ending the death penalty here in Washington. It was PJALS’ first TweetChat experience, and we can see the potential of this relatively easy tactic to spur conversation, raise awareness, and help people connect with important campaigns. All you need is a moderator, several discussion questions, and folks sharing their thoughts with the same hashtag. If you’re on Twitter, connect with us @pjals!

You can view the full Twitter thread with the hashtag #WARepeal. Equal Justice USA also participated, and here discusses this new tool:

Are TweetChats important?

TweetChats are a great way for our organizations to learn from people in the movement and to collaborate with our partners. It’s also a way for you to promote what you do by offering advice, and sharing your expertise on a topic. We look forward to participating in more TweetChats around the country.