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Remaining 2024 Elections

August 6

State Primary

State Primaries are similar to a semifinal round where voters select the final candidates for their political parties.

November 5

General Election

The General Election is where a candidate is elected into office. In both elections we may vote on other ballot initiatives.

Will you commit to voting your values this fall?

Pledge to vote

Register to vote

You can register and vote up to the day of the election! If you are registering less than 18 days before the election, you must go in person to the elections office to receive a ballot.

Register online:

  1. Go to VoteWa.gov
  2. Click “Register to Vote”

This will take you to a single form that you can use to register to vote, update your registration information, and sign up for text messages.

To register online you will need a current Washington State driver’s license, permit or ID card.

Don’t have any of these? No worries! You can still register by mail or in person at the Spokane County Elections Office.

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Update your address or other voter information

If you are already a registered voter and just need to update your registration address, name, or other voter information:

  1. Go to VoteWa.gov
  2. Sign into your account using your first and last name and date of birth
  3. You will see the name and address on your current registration
  4. If you need to update information, click “Update information”
  5. You will be taken to the same link as above for the voter registration
  6. Click “Start” and follow the prompts to update your voter information

Recent name change? If you recently changed your name, you have the option of updating your voter registration when you get your new Washington State ID or driver’s license. Otherwise, you can change your name with the form above so long as you have updated your name with the Social Security Office

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Voting with a felony conviction

Effective January 1st, 2022, if you were convicted of a felony in Washington State, another state, or in federal court, your right to vote will be restored automatically as long as you are not currently serving a sentence of total confinement in prison.

Learn more

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Disability access for voting

Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available beginning 18 days before the election. An AVU presents your ballot on a monitor. You select choices by touching the screen, using a select wheel, or by using a tool. You can use headphones to listen to the text and prompts on your ballot.

For more information about voting access or voting with disabilities go to sos.wa.gov/elections

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Language access for voting

Voters can register online in Spanish, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Somali.

Voter registration mail in forms are available in over 20 languages at sos.wa.gov/elections

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Vote by mail

Ballots are mailed out 18 days before Election day. Fill out your ballot and sign your return envelope. Paid postage is included on the ballot return envelope so put your completed and signed ballot directly in the mail.

All ballots must be postmarked by election day or dropped at the nearest ballot drop box by 8pm on election day.

You can print a replacement ballot at VoteWa.gov 

Find nearby ballot drop box locations here at the Washington Secretary of State website

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Spokane County Election Office

1033 W Gardner Ave
Spokane, WA 99260
United States

Open until 8pm on election day

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