The Handful of Salt – Volume XLVI, Number 4

In This Issue:

  1. Winter Party – Tonight! Let’s Gather in the Warmth of Community
  2. Jac Archer Honored by NAACP and The Learning Project
  3. Peace & Justice Action Conference: Recap & Virtual Access
  4. BOLD Report
  5. Young Activist Leaders Program Is Underway
  6. Year-End Member-to-Member Matching Challenge
PJALS Staff Expressions of Gratitude
PJALS Staff Left to Right: Sarah, Liz, Lisa, Shar, and Jac

PJALS Staff Left to Right: Sarah, Liz, Lisa, Shar, and Jac


Liz – I’m grateful for so many aspects of our PJALS community – long-term members who are long-distance runners in the movement.

Shar – I am grateful for every single member who has been a part of PJALS over the past 47 years. You have all been an invaluable part of building a just and nonviolent world – one action at a time.

Jac – I’m grateful that in this capitalistic society I am lucky enough to be paid to collaborate with passionate, values-driven people, working to make our community better.

Sarah – I am grateful for the community I’ve grown up around that supports youth voice and centers justice in every situation.

Lisa – I am grateful that my position managing our digital content allows me to maintain a connection to the PJALS community and the work for peace and justice that I care so much about.