Fueled by the immense success of the GrassRoots Organizing Workshops earlier this year, Sarah and Ivy are preparing for yet another dynamic session of the Young Activist Leaders Program (YALP). They are excited to invite young people (both experienced and new to PJALS) from around the region to participate in a 4 month long intensive session, running every Wednesday, starting December 1, 2021 through March 30th, 2022. 

Similar to the GROW series, the Young Activist Leaders Program will adopt a fluid structure to support the interests and inquiries of participants. Recurring endeavors of YALP have included: 

  • Workshops on fundamental content about organizing principles and the basics of action, protest, and activism.
  • Speakers from the community
  • Project and action support
  • Networking, community, and coalition building
  • Civic Engagement
  • Art. Snacks. Games. And FUN!

Despite uncertainty about YALP in person , Ivy and Sarah hope to build back the sense of community that drew them both into PJALS years ago. Connection and purpose are paramount to the successes of young activists, especially in a time when they are being called to lead in so many social and political settings. A hybrid model is likely, given Sarah and Ivy’s pursuit to accommodate ever growing participation from geographically diverse populations of young people. 

This growth and interest is a large step for YALP, though activism and social action in our Spokane community remains a priority. Sarah and Ivy have been fortunate over the past months to connect with numerous community organizations and high-school focused partners in increasingly formal settings to share the mission and vision, and recruit for YALP this winter. These have included: The Community School, Sunrise Spokane, Multicultural Clubs and educators within Spokane Public Schools, and other youth led/youth based organizations. 

More information is coming soon about how to register and support the program. 

Sarah and Ivy are thrilled to facilitate another session. We hope you will share this exciting opportunity with the young people in your circles, and look forward to meeting them on December 1st.