Vehicle Procession for Black Lives


I hope I’m not too late I’m hoping to pull up. 5099935371 someone text me the location please!

So grateful for all you have done and are doing for our community. Now is the time for CHANGE! Reform the Police.

Hey I signed up yesterday and still haven’t received an e-mail with the information of where to start at?

I haven’t gotten the email that was supposed to go out at 9:00 a.m. today. Did other people get their email?

Hey, anybody who hasn’t gotten an email – I had my husband sign up this morning and he got all of the event details email to him, so maybe it’s just an error with their system. Sign up again and you should get the details.

Didn’t get the location email, searching kyrs website…. please someone screen sit it and post to me in private msgr. thank you.

I signed up yesterday and have been checking my email constantly for the starting point. I can’t find that information anywhere on the web. I appreciate the efforts and wonder what happened.
Thanks, Sheila Brunton

I still have not received the location information, even in Spam folder. Can someone help me out???

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