Will you add your voice to the call from the Smart Justice Spokane coalition? Urge local elected officials to re-open Spokane County with justice, safety, and liberty for all.

When you sign your name, we’ll send your email with the message below to County Commissioner Kuney, County Commissioner French, County Commissioner Kerns, County Commissioner Kuney, Sheriff Knezovich, Prosecuting Attorney Haskell, Mayor Woodward, Spokane City Council President Beggs, Council Member Burke, Council Member Cathcart, Council Member Wilkerson, Council Member Kinnear, Council Member Mumm, Council Member Stratton, Superior Court Presiding Judge Clarke, District Court Presiding Judge Smith, Municipal Court Presiding Judge Antush, Judge Moreno, SRLJC Vice Chair Bingham, Dr. Bob Lutz, Law and Justice Administrator Yates, and Jail Director Sparber.

These decision-makers must use proven solutions to implement ongoing covid-19 strategy, keep our loved ones out of jail, end racial disparities, and increase access to treatment and services!

Click here to sign! and please share!

Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane is a founding member of the Smart Justice Spokane Coalition.