PJALS Inland NW Death Penalty Abolition Group has worked hard the past several years, with our partners across the state, to build bi-partisan support for repeal of the death penalty in Washington State. Because of some changes in the legislature, we believe this year we have a better chance to repeal this costly, unjust, and unfair practice than we have in recent years. Let’s get it done in 2018!

Here are 4 ways you can help end the death penalty in Washington State:

  1. Contact your State Legislators Death Penalty Repeal Bills (HB 1935 and SB 6052) have been reintroduced and are currently in committee. Please email or call your legislators today and encourage them to put repealing the death penalty on their list of priorities. You can find your legislator’s contact information here.
  2. Sign a postcard to be delivered on Lobby Day On January 25th we will have a small delegation from Spokane attending Lobby Day and delivering postcards. Let’s leave behind a huge stack of postcards with each legislator so they know that their constituents support ending capital punishment! Please sign the postcard here and we will deliver it to your legislators on Lobby Day.
  3. Join us for Lobby Day We will have a Spokane delegation leaving on January 24th to Olympia and will join others from across the State on January 25th for Lobby Day. The Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (WCADP) has collaborated with several organizations and individuals to plan LOBBY DAY 2018 to be held on Thursday, January 25th. This day will include a morning orientation session, followed by meetings (set up for you) with your legislators. Sign up here to register to attend Lobby Day if you are able to attend in person. Please register by Jan 18th. After you register, please email Shar at [email protected] to join our Spokane delegation and find out about carpooling options.
  4. Support our Spokane delegation for Lobby Day with a donation. We need your help to get our Spokane delegation to Olympia to ensure our voice is included on Lobby Day. Our expenses include travel, lodging, and meals and we need to raise $1500 to fund our current delegation. If you would like to provide support, you can easily do so here.