Only Congress can declare war. No one person should have their finger on the button! But Trump’s impulsive, volatile actions and belligerent threats could bring deadly, catastrophic nuclear war and destruction. We say no!

Trump circumvented the Constitution by launching missiles against Syria. He dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan. He’s irresponsibly goading nuclear-armed North Korea, and now he’s inciting nuclear-armed Pakistan. He wants $54 billion more in new nuclear weapons and more!

We call on Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell, and Representative McMorris Rodgers to lead against war!
* Commit to requiring Congressional debate and vote before any US military action!
* Oppose increased military spending. Prioritize diplomacy, international law, and human needs!

3 ways you can take action:

  1. Click here to sign our petition to Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell, and Representative McMorris Rodgers!
  2. Print this petition and ask 5 friends to sign on too! (pdf)
  3. Print and share these fliers! (pdf)