Food brings people together, this is known all too well, though you need more than just food to nourish your head, heart, and hands.

Just over a month ago, Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) hosted Head Heart & Hands: Moving Forward Together Luncheon and it was a remarkable success thanks to Spokane’s passionate and supportive community, talented and hardworking volunteers, and active and steadfast steering committee, who helped us raise over $23,500. These funds will aid in organizing and supporting rallies, marches, and protests; hosting educational events and community discussions; and empowering and supporting youth to be strong leaders and advocates for peace, human rights, and economic justice.

As about 400 people piled into The Lincoln Center’s fancily decorated Lincoln Ballroom, the room was instantly filled with chatter and laughter as longtime friends reconnected and new introductions and friendship were made. The original goal was to engage 200 members in the Spokane community, which, to our surprise and excitement, doubled!

As the program was about to begin, a sea full of tables, lined with pressed linens, shiny silverware, and plates and glasses filled with food and drink, began to fill with guests, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and even some wee ones, who were waiting in anticipation and excitement for what was to come.

“Thank YOU, PJALS! It [The luncheon] was awesome and I left so inspired”

With an hour-long program, six speakers with Lisa Brown as the keynote, and a nourishing lunch, PJALS wanted to nourish the head, heart, and hands by providing powerful stories, the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers to become part of a movement for peace and justice, engage current and new members more deeply in our future growth as an organization, and discover ways to get involved in our work in the coming year.

The luncheon was a remarkable success and we were pleased to receive so many gracious comments from guests like: “Thank YOU, PJALS! It [The luncheon] was awesome and I left so inspired!”, “Such beautiful speeches!”, and “it was so heartwarming for you to recall old PJALS heroes.”

With an outstanding turnout and generous support, we believe that, together, we can move forward with our head, heart, and hands to transform systems of violence and oppression to build a just and nonviolent world as we face the many challenges of the Trump administration and beyond.

Keynote Speaker, Lisa Brown

A sincere thank you to all the generous sponsors, inspiring and moving speakers, volunteers, and those who made meaningful one-time and monthly donations at all level. This work is possible because of all of us working and coming together because of food – YES, AND because we know we must resist the Trump administration, we share the same passion for peace and justice, and because we are stronger together and want to be involved.

Check out or revisit speeches from PJALS Director – Liz Moore, Keynote Speaker – Lisa Brown, and PJALS Young Activist Leader – Ellary Lockwood.