PJALS Voter Canvass – No on Prop 1

Saturday July 29, 10a-2p

Gather at the Community Building, 35 W. Main.

All welcome! Talking with voters face-to-face is the MOST important way we will defeat Prop 1, the anti-immigrant profiling initiative on our Spokane City ballot this November – and YOU can do it! This is Trump’s agenda at work in our community — we will resist, we will organize, and we will win! Bring a friend, gather with other volunteers for a short training, then head out in pairs to talk with voters! Let’s do this! Invite your friends!

Please RSVP for the Canvass here so we know how many people to expect. Thank you!

What is Proposition 1? In November, a west-side special interest group wants Spokane voters to pass Proposition 1, which would make Spokane less safe and legalize discrimination.

Proposition 1 legalizes police profiling of people based on “perceived” citizenship status. Proposition 1 doesn’t just stop with the police. It would allow all city employees, including those working at parks, parking enforcement, or taking utility payments, to stop and question the citizenship status of people based on their skin color or accent.

This is Trump’s agenda at a local level — and it makes our community less safe.

Proposition 1 is bad for policing, bad for our economy, and bad for our families, neighbors, and community.

We say NO to Prop 1!

Proposition 1 is bad for public safety. The Spokane Police don’t want Proposition 1. For over 10 years, the Spokane Police Department has prohibited profiling based on suspected citizenship status. This policy has made victims of crime and witnesses more willing to talk to police and report crimes and abuse to the authorities.

Proposition 1 is bad for our economy and our community. The Spokesman-Review opposes Proposition 1, saying “Targeting Immigrants is Just Plain Wrong.” Greater Spokane Incorporated, Visit Spokane, Spokane Hotel-Motel Association, Spokane Sports Commission, and the Spokane Public Facilities District oppose Proposition 1, because it’s counter to our values and bad for our economy. And, PJALS and more than 20 community groups oppose Proposition 1, because discrimination is wrong!