girl drinks water because of Maia ProjectShare a FUN evening of bowling to help provide drinking water for the children of Gaza.

Register now! What will your team theme be? Are you with the ugly Christmas sweaters or the hippest bowling shirts?

When: Saturday December 1, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

With your help, we’ll buy a purification unit to provide drinking water for an entire school and the families of the students!

When children at the UN school in a refugee camp in Gaza were given the opportunity to hold an election to choose one thing they most wanted for their school, they asked for clean drinking water. The only source of water available, the Gaza Aquifer, cannot support the population, and the water it generates is deteriorating. Military attacks on the Gaza Strip have its infrastructure and the water crisis is extreme. The Bay Area non-profit Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) took on the challenge, and now invites communities and organizations to participate in the MAIA Water Project to provide a water filtration system for the children of Gaza. The Peace and Justice Action League (PJALS) has joined up with the project, and will raise $4,000 for a small unit that will serve a kindergarten in Khan Younis, Gaza. This unit will provide clean water for up to 450 students and their families.

Where: North Bowl 125 West Sinto Ave

Fee: $25 per registration or $90 per team of 4 (includes two hours of bowling, shoes, and a drink!)

Registration Deadline: Wednesday November 28

Gather a team or register as an individual, name your team outrageously, and ask your non-bowling friends and family to pledge in support! (Bowlers are responsible for collecting the money raised from their pledgers.) Bad bowlers welcome!

Register online here! Or, download a printable registration form here.

Use this Pledge Form to ask your friends and family to give a little to support this important effort!

…and don’t forget you’ll also need to fill out and give us this Liability Release Form.

For any more info, call us at 838-7870.

For more information about the MAIA Project: