See below to RSVP for the Dec 4 hearing on the impact of coal trains & exports.

PJALS advocates leaving both coal and uranium in the ground, in order to accelerate as much as possible the rapidly growing deployment of solar and wind energy technologies. Only these (and a couple of other) proven renewables can swiftly eliminate energy scarcity, the key necessary condition for peace. Only swift transition to them can reverse the global warming trend and minimize its already manifesting impacts, like the $50 billion cost of New York’s “climate change hurricane.”

These renewables deliver the most jobs per unit of energy delivered. They are the least cost option when sensible economic analysis (which means the inclusion of externalities like health and environmental costs) is used. And they are the most readily available as they can be brought online much faster.

Coal benefits only a small fraction of the 1% (like the Koch criminals bringing us the Keystone pipeline) and harms virtually all other sentient beings on this planet, rapidly destroying their environmental, health, economic and strategic security.

This is a critical peace and justice issue. We support this position in concert with powerful cohorts like the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Rocky Mountain Institute and

Read Energy Abundance–A Cornerstone of Social Justice here.

Power Past Coal

The proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal north of Bellingham would be the largest coal export terminal in the United States. On Dec 4, you have the opportunity to say NO and to provide input on what impacts the Army Corps of Engineers should consider in the permit proposal. The myriad of potential impacts include increased train traffic, impacts to our fragile eco-system, impacts to our air quality, to global warming and more. Please voice your concerns!

Please come to the hearing, submit a comment, and testify. Please RSVP and the campaign will contact you to give you more information about the hearing. Help us pack the house, and please wear red!

When: Tues. Dec 4 hearing from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (If possible, please arrive by 3 p.m. for press conference. And please note that you don’t need to stay for the whole hearing. If you can’t arrive by 3 or 4, you can come later to submit a comment.)

Where: Spokane County Fairgrounds, 404 North Havana Street, Spokane Valley, Washington 99202