You may not be in Congress but you too can vote for the budget that will be best for the country! Click here to take this quick poll!

  • Do you think the Pentagon budget should be “off the table,” but cuts to Medicare, education, and the social safety net should be?
  • Do you think the rich are paying their fair share of taxes?
  • Do you think giving the rich and corporations more tax breaks is going to create jobs and put the country back to work?
  • Do you think your children and grandchildren should still be paying off the debt run up by the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • Do you think our nation’s budget priorities are upside down?

You and I don’t get to vote on the budget. Our opinion individually doesn’t carry much weight. But our opinions added to that of our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers and associates can send a powerful message to Congress. Together we can send them a message that they ignore at their own peril. The Senate is marking up the budget right now, so now is when they need to hear our unified voice.

Please take one minute to cast your vote in the New Priorities Network Federal Budget Preference Poll.

You can quickly compare the priorities of the GOP/Ryan Budget, the Obama Budget Framework, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus “People’s Budget.” Then you can cast your vote for the budget that builds the nation that you envision.