Originally published by the Inlander (http://www.inlander.com/Bloglander/archives/2013/10/04/center-for-justice-says-new-police-contract-does-not-include-independent-investigative-powers-for-ombudsman)

by Heidi Groover

Earlier today, we reported that the Spokane Police Guild and city administration have reached a tentative agreement about a new police contract, but few details about its content were available.
Now, local police accountability advocates say they’ve seen the section of the agreement that outlines police oversight and they’re not satisfied.

Center for Justice Executive Director Rick Eichstaedt and Communications Director Tim Connor say City Councilman Steve Salvatori showed them the portion of the contract regarding the Office of Police Ombudsman and that it does not include long-desired independent investigative powers for the office.

That, the group says, flies in the face of voter-approved Proposition 1, calling for a stronger ombudsman, and the Use of Force Commission’s recommendations.

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