Police Oversight: Out of Excuses

People like you–making your voices heard–have made the difference at every step as we’ve worked with great determination to win real, meaningful independent oversight of police for Spokane.

As we know, change worth working for doesn’t come quick or easy!

It’s time now for us to mobilize again–can we count on you?

3 ways to make a difference:

1. Urge City Councilmembers to vote YES on Councilmember Salvatori’s ordinance!

Click on emails for sample messages:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

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[email protected]necity.org

[email protected]

2. Testify or come show your support on Monday Oct 7 at 6pm at City Hall!

You’re invited to our community briefing at 5:30 in the Chase Gallery right outside Council Chambers.

3. Invite your friends to come with you–forward this email or share this Facebook event

Here’s the scoop:

On Monday, City Council will vote on an ordinance to enact the Independent Oversight you and 70% of voters mandated in February!

The Mayor and the police union have failed to produce results through 20+ months of contract negotiations. It’s time NOW for our community to make our voices heard: We need to pass this ordinance to set the rules for the next contract. If we don’t act now, it could be another 3 years without independent oversight!

Councilmember Salvatori’s new ordinance will expand the power of the Ombudsman:independent investigations, public reports, & a community commission to oversee the Office of Police Ombudsman–all locked in before the next police union contract is in place. In February 2013, Spokane voters passed Proposition 1 with a 70% yes vote, to mandate independent investigations of Spokane police. Councilmember Salvatori’s ordinance will now implement that mandate.

Read more from the Inlander story “Out of Excuses” and the Spokesman’s Shawn Vestal: “Time for patience with Police Guild has passed

Your voice, your emails, and your presence Monday night WILL make a difference. People speaking up have made the difference in making this issue a priority in our community–Let’s make it happen!