Our Peace & Justice Action Committee (PJAC) continues to meet via zoom on the first Thursday of each month.

Our committee has joined with other folks to form the Spokane Advocacy Team which is part of the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s (FCNL) Advocacy Team Network. This network of 130 teams across the country is building relationships with members of congress with a focus on a specific policy and unified message to strategically increase our impact. The focus for this year – End Endless War with a focus on Iran and continuing efforts to repeal the 2002 and 2003 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) which has allowed past and present administrations to take military action without congressional approval.

We have seen some success this year with bi-partisan support for resolutions that would prevent the administration from taking military action against Iran without congressional approval. Unfortunately, Senate leadership has blocked these moving forward in that chamber. Recently the House included three amendments from Rep. Barbara Lee in their version of the Defense Appropriations Act. These amendments would repeal both versions of the AUMF and require congressional approval for funding any military action against Iran. Once again, the Senate is delaying action for their version of the Defense Appropriations Act and we don’t expect any action until after the election.

Our committee continues to meet with representatives from the offices of Murray, Cantwell, and McMorris-Rodgers to build relationships and call on their support and leadership to push these amendments through the Senate as well.

We see building relationships with decision makers through these meetings as well as being part of a national network focused on the same goals, strengthens our ability to effectively create some positive change in our peace and anti-war work. We are playing an important role in reframing the debate around the military industrial complex and imperialism.

We would love to have you join us and if you are interested, please email Shar at [email protected] to join our committee specific email list.