By Farand Gunnels, PJALS Development Coordinator

This year, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) was honored and overwhelmed, to say the least, to receive a Satterberg Foundation Core Support Grant for $100,000 a year for 5 years, which will ensure the structure and internal capacity of our work together, for a just and nonviolent world, will be supported for five years!

This funding will guarantee that we, together, will have the capacity and support to take on the long to reach goals and priorities directed by you, PJALS’ members and that more of your donation will go towards these goals and priorities. The funds from Satterberg Foundation reassures that we are making an impact with the work, time, and energy that has been spent in creating change in our peace and justice movement for 44 years.

With Satterberg’s support, we will be able to increase our reach and capacity internally to build a culture of love and belonging and allow us to put more of your generous and meaningful donations into the priorities you are passionate about – like standing with immigrants, Muslims, and targeted communities in and around Spokane that impact your family, friends, and neighbors; addressing the white nationalists in our back yard who are being emboldened by the Trump administration; pushing against a new jail and mass incarceration which is not the solution or cure for homelessness; and racial disparities. In addition, the war mongers and military spending is the second largest item in the federal budget! We should all be outraged because all of these priorities, while they may not affect you directly, affect our community, country, and world!

Core support from Satterberg, will shore up PJALS and its staff, who have been working on a shoestring budget in order to focus on member priorities.

Your continued donations will have a larger impact on the priorities that are changing how we, as everyday people, live and thrive as human beings. As members, you, and others like you, will always be the backbone of this grassroots organization. Without you, we would not be able to continue impacting the issues and priorities that we face, year after year. You are also the reason PJALS got this grant – and for that, we are grateful and honored that you are part of the PJALS family and continue to be on the front lines in solidarity.

Thank you to our members and thank you to the Satterberg Foundation!