Positions taken by the PJALS Steering Committee:

Statewide Initiatives

YES on I-1000/R-88 Affirmative Action & Diversity Commission

This measure would allow the state to remedy documented or proven discrimination against, or under-representation of, certain disadvantaged groups. It would allow the state to implement affirmative action in public education, employment, and contracting if the action does not use quotas or preferential treatment. It would define affirmative action and preferential treatment. The measure would establish a Governor’s commission on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and require the commission to draft implementing legislation and publish reports.

NO on I-976 Motor Vehicle Taxes & Fees

This measure would repeal or remove authority to impose certain vehicle taxes and fees; limit state and local license fees to $30 for motor vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or less, except charges approved by voters after the measure’s effective date; base vehicle taxes on Kelley Blue Book value; require regional transit authorities to retire bonds early where allowed; and either reduce or repeal taxes pledged to bonds depending on whether bonds are retired by 2020.

Local Initiatives

NO on City of Spokane Proposition No. 1 – Charter Amendment Regarding Open Government and Transparency in City Government

Shall the Spokane City Charter be amended to require all collective bargaining negotiations be transparent and open to public observation, requiring public notification of such meetings as required by the Washington State Open Public Meetings Act and require all contracts be available for public review and observation on the City’s website?

NO on City of Spokane Proposition No. 2– Charter Amendment Prohibiting a City of Spokane Income Tax

Shall the Spokane City Charter be amended to prohibit the City of Spokane from imposing an income tax on wages, salaries, investments, the sale of goods or services, or any other income source?

Download and print version available here.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, PJALS does not take any position on candidates.

Get Out the Vote Community Party

Tuesday, October 22 6-7:30 pm
East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone

Facebook event to share and invite your friends.

This year PJALS is partnering with several other community organizations to host a celebratory Get Out the Vote party! We’ll have great speakers who will share all sorts of important and powerful information from registering to vote to encouraging others to vote.

BRING YOUR BALLOTS because after the party, we’ll take a quick walk to the library to drop them off in the ballot box!

Sponsors include:
SCAR (Spokane Community Against Racism)
PJALS (Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane)
Spokane NAACP
FUSE Washington
Planned Parenthood
Spokane Coalition of Color
Spokane Ministers Fellowship
Carl Maxey Center
APIC (Asian Pacific Islanders Coalition)
The NATIVE Project
ACLU Washington