This week as a nation we learned more about our own country’s use of torture, authorized by extremists such as Vice President Cheney, President Bush, Secretary of State Condi Rice, and others throughout the Bush administration. The hundreds of pages released make several things horrifyingly clear:
– The torture program was worse than what most Americans know. As the report notes, it was “brutal.”
– The torture program was ineffective and provided no real intelligence information.
– The torture program harmed and damaged our reputation all over the world.

It was wrong from the start, but this report just provides more evidence of that.

The report also speaks to the importance of work led by PJALS co-director Nancy and Rusty Nelson, with so many long time PJALS members, to expose the role of Spokane psychologists Mitchell and Jesson in creating and promulgating these torture techniques in exchange for more than $80 million in contracts. (See Shawn Vestal’s latest coverage here)

Torture or complicity in torture has been a felony under U.S. law, and the United States has been party to treaties requiring that it prosecute whenever there is sufficient evidence to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction. Top officials involved in the torture reported on, including Bush and Cheney, have repeatedly and shamelessly admitted to authorizing acts of torture and asserted that they would do so again. They’ve made these confessions on national television.

Talk of “turning a corner” and “never again” is worse than useless rhetoric if accompanying the act of openly embracing lawlessness. Accountability for torture today is critical for stopping it tomorrow!

We demand: Prosecute Torturers!

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