torture photoLast Friday morning members of PJALS and Veterans for Peace stood outside in the wind and rain in protest of a common enemy of humanity: torture. In the 1990’s, psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen designed an experimental torture plan that was then used on prisoners at the time. Victims of the method along with ACLU have filed a lawsuit against the two for their crimes. We stood in front of the federal building for two hours in anxious anticipation for the results of Mitchell and Jessen’s motion to dismiss the case. Thankfully the motion was denied, we found out later. We gathered to show our support of the lawsuit and to declare that we were all in agreement that torture should never be allowed. Our signs donned the words, “torture hurts us all,” “to condone torture is to deny yourself life,” “Who killed Gul Rahman?” and the like. Gathering with a group to showcase our stance against violence produced a strong sense of solidarity. Even more than showcasing our point, I found the most powerful part being in community with other PJALS members that are willing to fight for what is right.