PJALS exists because of people power, everyday people of all backgrounds collaborating together for ways to stop hate and militarism and police violence, racism and sexism and homophobia. Taking to the streets with heart-felt actions to affirm human dignity is a skill we learn together through community engagement and volunteerism. Drawing from our differences, accepting others as they are, we learn how to negotiate our way toward a vision of the common good and collective strength. By volunteering together, our individual vantage points form a web of light and life. Volunteering builds relationships, community resolve not just to react to problems but to advance solutions. Solutions that grow organically from volunteers interacting, engaging, exploring ideas in the spirit of mutual inquiry. Your ideas, rough or polished, are valid because you are valid. The best social justice leaders are those directly impacted by the issues.

But we can’t get to know you if you don’t volunteer.

Creative public actions, articulate confrontations with power, are the crown jewels of grassroots democracy. But equally as important is the ongoing volunteerism of issues based committee work, of coalition building for effective institutional changes, of media, communications work, public speaking, events planning and organizing, and, fundraising.

In a capitalist society, those without money are at the mercy of others. This is why we organize our own grassroots fundraising events. Grassroots money protects us from being at the mercy of power.

Your support helps fuel our policy-change and leadership development work. Our highly regarded Young Adult Leaders Program results in graduates who are skilled and passionate young social justice leaders. We have advanced need for and importance of police accountability in Spokane and, with volunteer/membership support, will continue to work to make it viable, to lead grassroots-driven criminal justice reform to end the cycle of crime, increase community safety, and save money. A non-violent police force adept at de-escalation and negotiation skills is not asking too much from law enforcement.

A part of the grassroots money we raise goes towards helping those–who otherwise couldn’t afford it–attend our annual action conference with educational and skills building workshops. In this way, your investment, personal or financial, links directly to life changing experiences for people most impacted by social justice issues.

Giving of your precious time and energy is human capital we deeply respect and value. We guarantee, you will get change in return.