VOTEPJALS’ Steering Committee encourages you to:

APPROVE Referendum 74 to support the freedom to marry for all loving couples. More info at

VOTE YES on Initiative 502 to legalize the possession of marijuana for adults age 21 and older in Washington State. More info at

VOTE NO on Initiative 1185 to reject Tim Eyman’s latest recipe for gridlock. I-1185 would require a 2/3 majority vote to close tax loopholes; making it nearly impossible to provide adequate funding for public schools and social services. More info at

Vote MAINTAIN on Advisory Vote 1 (ESB 6635) to show support for the Legislature’s action to close an outdated tax loophole for Wall Street Banks.

Vote MAINTAIN on Advisory Vote 2 (SHB 2590) to show support for the Legislature’s action to maintain a fuel-safety fee on large, commercial fuel purchases.

Happy voting. And remember, voting is just one tiny part of what it takes to make democracy real.

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