Director’s Update from Liz Moore

Looking at the volatile period between now and Inauguration, as the pandemic rolls on, lots of people are feeling high levels of anxiety and fear. We’re looking ahead to the possible results of an election which will most likely not be known on Election Day. Many of us are seeing a likelihood of violence, threats of violence, and escalated presence of white nationalists, whatever the election results may be, in addition to the likelihood of white supremacist, anti-democratic threats to election and post-election processes.

In order to plan ahead, it’s important to believe what Trump has said: refusing to commit to respecting election results, not only refusing to condemn white nationalists but actually issuing a call to “stand by.” We see this in the context of the pattern of increased activity by white nationalist groups since 2016.

When certain politicians are afraid of losing power, they try to stoke fear and divide us, so we don’t join together to demand the proven solutions all of our families need.

In response, we bring a simple 5-point message: We reject white nationalism. We choose & will protect inclusive democracy. We keep each other safe. We will do our part to ensure everyone’s vote is counted. We demand the results be respected.

That’s why we’re working together with more than 50 community partners to create pro-active and responsive strategies to keep communities of color and other targeted communities as safe as possible, to ensure everyone’s votes will be counted, and to mobilize together to respect the election results and swear in a government of, by, and for the people.

We’re creating systems for information sharing and community response for white nationalist activity or other acts of hate incidents.

We’re communicating with elected leaders to call on them to make public commitments — click here to see the letter we sent with more than 50 organizations!

We’re creating ways YOU can take action with other PJALS members with a fire in the belly for justice — click here to watch, sign, and share our video and email action to make your voice heard to elected leaders!

Here’s what we know:

We the people are powerful.

No matter our color, how little is in our wallet, or whether we live on a city block or a country road, we want our families to be safe, our voices to be heard, and our rights to be respected.

Whether we’re Black or white, Latino or Asian, Indigenous or newcomer, we want our families to be healthy and whole.

Certain politicians have empowered white nationalists, who now threaten vigilante violence, while blaming Black people, new immigrants, and anyone who opposes their agenda of hate.

But we count on us. We refuse their attempts to divide us. We reject white nationalism. Black lives matter!

We know for democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. We know a better future is possible.

We’re turning out in record numbers – in the streets and with our votes. We will ensure everyone’s vote is counted.

We count on us, and we will swear in a government of, by and for the people!


We need community, analysis, plans, wellness, and actions — here are 11 ways you can get yourself those:

Sign up now to join us for 3 PJALS Webinar Wednesdays, starting October 28, for post-election plans, analysis, and response!

And join us for 3 post-election seminars in November we’re co-sponsoring with Eastern Washington University’s Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies on White Supremacy, the 2020 Election & the Pacific Northwestregister here!

Strengthen your Bystander Intervention muscles with this free recorded webinar – and share it with your circle!

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